• We don't just sell bicycles.

    Quality bicycles, services and education for youth!


    Vijana Bicycle Center

    Nshamba - Kagera - Tanzania

  • What we do

    The Vijana Bicycle Center is a social enterprise and community center for bike sales and maintenance to promote bicycle mobility in Tanzania and educate youth in bicycle mechanic. VBC is a program of Kwa Wazee Nshamba. Velafrica is our partner in Switzerland, who provides us with quality bicycles and spares as well as technical know-how.

    Quality Bicycles

    We offer a wide selection of good quality bicycles for Women, Men and Children. Moutain Bikes, Touring Bikes, City Bikes and Children bicycles.

    Spare Parts

    We have a wide selection of spare parts for different types of bicycles.

    Bicycle Maintenance Services

    We have trained mechnics who can help you to fix the bicycle. Come by and have a look

    Youth Education and Income Generation

    We offer youth an education in bicycle mechanic. Youth develop the skills to repair and prepare bicycles, and learn about customer relationship, stock management, marketing or sales. Up to today, several graduates have openend their own branch or are part of VBC management.


    With our Bike2School initiative, VBC supports children with a long school journey of more than 2 hours by foot.

  • Why bicycles

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    Capacity, Time and Distance

    Riding a bicycle is faster and easier than walking. In fact, you transport 5x more and travel 4x faster. Also, you reach 4x further compared to walking.

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    A bicycle helps children to reach school faster, be more puncutal and arrive fresher. A bicycle also makes a long school journey safer, particularly for girls, increasing enrolment and attendance rates. At the end of the day, more time also means more free time for homework and leisure.

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    Women empowerment

    Velafrica trains young girls to become bicycle mechanics. Breaking with a tabu in many regions in SSA, they serve as role models for other women to become independant enterpreneurs.


    Women and girls suffer disproportaionally higher from poor transport and mobility opportunities. With a bicycle, women and girls get their lives back. They start their own business, perform better at school and face a brighter future.


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    Business and Income

    Bicycles have the power to enable new business opportunities, increase business productivity, increase opportunities for trade or increase the delivery of extension services. This leads to new opportunites to generate regular income for households.

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    Being a fast and reliable mode of transport, bicycles improves access by the community to healthcare centers AND access by health workers to the community.


    Riding a bicycle of course also gives you legs of steel, improves your well-being and keeps you fit!

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    A bicycle is quiet as a mouse and causes zero emissions, thus helping to slow global warming.

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    Bicycles are an affordable means of transport. There is no need to pay for travelling tickets or gas neither.


    We are some passionate youth with a big love for bicycles.

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    VBC Management, Branch Managers and Learners!

  • VBC Nshamba

    Opening hours:

    Monday to Saturday: 8 am to 5 pm

    Sunday: closed

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    That's where you find us

    Once in Nshamba (Kagera), look out for VBC signs or Kwa Wazee

    VBC in action!

  • VBC Branches

    We have currently 3 branches 

    Bukoba, Muleba and Nshamba


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    Bukoba Branch

    Uganda Road, Mina's Hamugembe, Bukoba town

    Good selection of bicycles and services.

    Get in touch with our staff Jadida Nuru via +255 745 044 970

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    Muleba Branch

    Biharamulo-Bukoba road, opposite Muleba police station

    Good selection of bicycles and services.

    Get in touch with staff Donatila Anthony via +255 742 442 299

  • Bike to School Programm

    With our "Bike to School Program", we support children with a 40% discount who face a long school journey of more than 2 hours on foot. So far, over 500 children have been supported with quality bicycles.

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  • Since 2011

    VBC provides sustainable bicycle mobility,  youth education and job opportunities

    90'000'000 TSH invested into social projects

    Kwa Wazee and Kids Support Groups (e.g. Tatu Tano)

    5'000 bicycles enable mobility

    sustainable and efficient transport

    500 bikes provided to school kids

    thanks to our special mobility program

    37 youth have been trained

    currently 9 students are being trained

    2 new branches established

    to ease access to bicycles and services

    13 jobs created

    at VBC and its branches

  • Kwa Wazee

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    Kwa Wazee is registered as an NGO since 2006 and supports elderly, children and people living with HIV/AIDS. Its goal is to ensure improved health and well being of beneficiaries by providing cash transfers and psycho-social support. The current support programms include cash transfers to elderly, a health programme that tries to cover various areas of care, prevention and access to health facilities and kids support groups (e.g. Tatu Tano, self-defence for girls)


    In 2011 Kwa Wazee introduced a new project: the Vijana Bicycle Centre. The goal is to create income and support to children and train youth in bicycle mechanic. We want to children to create their own income and to provide bicycles of good quality from Switzerland at affordable prices to the public.

  • Contact VBC

    You can reach us on facebook, via Mail or just call us! Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 8 am to 5 pm Sunday: closed

    +255 75 979 87 44


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